SYNERGY aims to improve the quality of training and education opportunities for SMEs, by establishing micro-social networks between SMEs and VET Providers.

SYNERGY is an innovative new project which aims to improve the quality of training and education opportunities for micro-enterprises, by establishing micro social networks, both online and face to face, to allow for networking opportunities between micro-enterprises and adult education providers. The SYNERGY project consortium identify with micro-enterprises as many of the partner organisations behind SYNERGY are micro-enterprises themselves. As such, partners understand that there is significant ‘real-world distance’ between the training opportunities which the VET sector provide for micro-enterprises, and what the micro-enterprise owners really need by way of training and up-skilling. For this reason, SYNERGY aims to use the established micro social networks to and to in-turn develop a bespoke curriculum and resources which will address the real-world training needs of micro-enterprise owners and VET professionals. A comprehensive induction programme and Train the Trainer courseware will be designed and delivered to enhance the capacity of adult educators to work with micro-enterprise owners and to build their knowledge of the business sector. Similarly, SYNERGY will develop an induction programme which will help micro-enterprise owners in their new role in peer-to-peer learning. 

The micro social networks will also allow business owners to connect with other business owners. By networking with people who understand the challenges and aspirations of other business owners, the SYNERGY networks can also help to enrich European businesses by creating long-term and meaningful business partnerships across the project consortium. SYNERGY is an opportunity to network with businesses in other European countries to make the connections needed to target new customer sectors or geographical locations, form partnerships that would otherwise not be possible, or simply be inspired by the approaches and methods used by other micro-enterprise owners to maximize their return.

The SYNERGY project will run from September 2014 until August 2016, and is co-funded by Léargas through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.